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Dr. Attila Varga

Dr. Attila Varga

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Attila Varga is the Director of the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center and Professor at the Department of Economics and Econometrics of the Faculty of Economics and Econometrics at the University of Pécs. He earned his Ph.D. at West Virginia University (USA) in 1997. His previous positions include a Research Assistant Professorship at the Regional Research Institute of West Virginia University (1997-1998) and Senior Research Fellowships at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, and at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (1999-2001). From 2006 to 2012 he served as the Director of the Department of Economics and Regional Studies of FBE. Invited visiting research positions: the Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University (1997), Max Planck Institute, Jena (2004), Saint Etienne University (2005), JRC-IPTS of the European Commission, in Seville (2008), GREThA at the University of Bordeaux (2012). Attila Varga is internationally well-known for his research in the fields of regional innovation and economic development. He has published widely in major international journals of his research field. Attila Varga is also the Director of the Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics.


Attila, Varga ; Tamás, Sebestyén ; Norbert, Szabó ; László, Szerb
Economic Impact assessment of Entrepreneurship policies with the GMR-Europe Model (2018)
FIRES Deliverable 4.6., D4.6 GMR model for Europe linking Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Growth,


Edward, M Bergman ; Attila, Varga
Innovative potential for development of Europe’s neighbouring countries and regions
ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE 60 : 3 pp. 443-449. , 7 p. (2018)


Lengyel, Imre ; Varga, Attila
A magyar gazdasági növekedés térbeli korlátai – helyzetkép és alapvető dilemmák
KÖZGAZDASÁGI SZEMLE 65 : 5 pp. 499-524. , 26 p. (2018)


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