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Krisztina Horváth

Krisztina Horváth

horvathk [at] ktk.pte.hu
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Krisztina Horváth is research assistant in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Pécs (Hungary). She also collaborates with the EU Business School (Barcelona, Spain). Her research interests focus on the economic analysis of organizations. Also, she is interested in enterpreneurship and its economic benefits from a territorial perspective. Her research work has been published in, among others, Regional Studies and Strategic Change.


Horváth, K ; Rabetino, R
Knowledge-intensive territorial servitization: regional driving forces and the role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
REGIONAL STUDIES , 11 p. (2018)


Krisztina, Horváth ; László, Szerb
Managerial practices and the productivity of knowledge-intensive service businesses: An analysis of digital/IT and cash management practices
STRATEGIC CHANGE: SC 27 : 2 pp. 161-172. , 12 p. (2018)


Szerb, László ; Lafuente, Esteban ; Horváth, Krisztina ; Páger, Balázs
The relevance of quantity and quality entrepreneurship for regional performance: the moderating role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
REGIONAL STUDIES online : online p. Article in press , 13 p. (2018)


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