prof. Dr. Tamás Sebestyén

prof. Dr. Tamás Sebestyén

Professor, Director of Research, Head of Department (DEE)
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Tamás Sebestyén earned a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs, in 2011. He has been employed by the School since 2007 in different positions. In 2022 he was appointed as a full professor of economics. He teaches economics-related subjects (international economics, macroeconomics, economic modeling) at the bachelor, master, and doctoral programs of the School. His main research interest is economic modeling: in addition to mainstream approaches, his particular focus is on border areas such as network theory and agent-based modeling. He is actively publishing in these areas in leading Hungarian and international journals while participating in several national and international research projects aiming at regional economic impact analysis and global production networks. He has been leading the EconNet research team since 2017, which focuses on the analysis of economic networks. He translates the toolkit developed in the area of economic modeling to applied projects in the field of impact analysis, monitoring, and evaluation. He has been actively involved in the management team of the School as research director since 2017 and has been leading the Department of Economics and Econometrics since 2023.


Braun, E., Braun, E., Gyimesi, A., Iloskics, Z., Sebestyén, T. (2023):
Exposure to trade disruptions in case of the Russia–Ukraine conflict: A product network approach. WORLD ECONOMY , 33 p. (online first)

Komlósi, É., Sebestyén, T., Tóth-Pajor, Á., Bedő, Zs. (2022):
Do specific entrepreneurial ecosystems favor high-level networking while others not? Lessons from the Hungarian IT sector. TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, 175, Paper: 121349 , 20 p.

Varga-Csajkás, A., Sebestyén, T., Varga, A. (2022):
Dynamics of collaboration among high-growth firms: results from an agent-based policy simulation. ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE, 70, pp. 353-377. 

Braun, E., Sebestyén, T., Kiss, T. (2021):
The strength of domestic production networks: an economic application of the Finn cycling index. APPLIED NETWORK SCIENCE, 6 Paper: 69, 26 p.

Varga, A., Sebestyén, T., Szabó, N., Szerb, L. (2020):
Estimating the economic impacts of knowledge network and entrepreneurship development in smart specialisation policy. REGIONAL STUDIES 54 : 1 pp. 48-59. , 12 p.

Sebestyén, T., Iloskics Z. (2020):
Do economic shocks spread randomly?: A topological study of the global contagion network. PLoS ONE, 15:9 p. e0238626.

Varga, A., Szabó, N., Sebestyén, T. (2020):
Economic impact modelling of smart specialization policy: Which industries should prioritization target? PAPERS IN REGIONAL SCIENCE, 99:5 pp. 1367-1388.

Sebestyén, T., Longauer, D. (2018):
Network structure, equilibrium and dynamics in a monopolistically competitive economy. NETNOMICS: Economic Research and Electronic Networking, 19(3), pp. 131-157.

Sebestyén, T. (2017):
Moving beyond the iceberg model: The role of trade relations in endogenizing transportation costs in computable general equilibrium models. Economic Modelling, 67, pp. 159-174.

Varga, A., Sebestyén, T. (2017):
Does EU Framework Program Participation Affect Regional Innovation? The Differentiating Role of Economic Development. INTERNATIONAL REGIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW, 40(4), 405-439.

Lengyel, B., Sebestyén, T., Leydesdorff, L. (2015):
Challenges for regional innovation policies in CEE countries: Spatial concentration and foreign control of US patenting. SCIENCE AND PUBLIC POLICY, 42(1) pp. 1-14.

Sebestyén Tamás, Varga, Attila (2013):
Research productivity and the quality of interregional knowledge networks. ANNALS OF REGIONAL SCIENCE, 51(1) 155-189.

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