2023 - 5th International Tourism Marketing Conference


A new era in tourism - Smart destinations and smart behaviour in times of crises

Conference Call

Pécs, Hungary, 28th April, 2023.

Dear Colleagues! 


The Institute of Marketing and Tourism, Faculty of Economics, University of Pécs is hereby launching the 2023 call for proposals for the

5th International Tourism Marketing Conference.

An important ambition of the event is to provide a space for inspiring and constructive discourse to strengthen the relationship between researchers, educators and practitioners. On 28th April 2023, we plan to organise a presentation and publication opportunity in Hungarian and English language sessions on curricular topics in the field. We hope we have aroused your interest and that you will honour the conference with your presence and your thoughts. 

We are delighted that three eminent experts have accepted our invitation to give plenary presentations at our fifth conference:
Prof. William C. Gartner (University of Minnesota )
Dr. Melanie K. Smith (Budapest Metropolitan University)
Dr. Katalin Lőrincz (University of Pannonia)


Best regards, 
on behalf of the Organising Committee,

Dr. János Csapó, Professor,
Conference Organizer, 
Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee,
University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics,
Department of Marketing and Tourism

Dr. Mária Törőcsik, Professor,
Initiator of the Conference,
Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee,
University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics,
Department of Marketing and Tourism

Dr. Krisztián Szűcs, Associate Professor,
Institute Director,
University of Pécs,
Faculty of Economics,
Department of Marketing and Tourism 


Conference venue

University of Pécs Faculty of Economics
H-7622 Pécs, Rákóczi út 80.


General Chair of the Conference 

          Dr. János Csapó 


Organising Committee

  • Dr. Mária Törőcsik 
  • Dr. Tibor Gonda 
  • Dr. László Csóka
  • Szabina Végi
  • Ágnes Boglárka Mészáros
  • Kata Wilhelm 
  • Réka Wilhelm


Chairs of the Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Csapó János 
  • Dr. Törőcsik Mária 


Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Kornélia Kiss (Budapest Business School) 
  • Dr. Katalin Lőrincz (Pannon University) 
  • Dr. Andrea Máté (University of Pécs) 
  • Dr. Gábor Michalkó (Pannon University) 
  • Dr. Tamara Rátz (Kodolányi János University) 
  • Dr. Zoltán Kaposi (University of Pécs)
  • Dr. Tibor Gonda (University of Pécs) 
  • Dr. Zoltán Raffay (University of Pécs)
  • Dr. Melinda Jászberényi (Corvinus University of Budapest)
  • Dr. Éva Happ (Széchenyi Egyetem University of Győr)
  • Zsuzsanna Ivancsóné Dr. Horváth (Széchenyi University)


Supporting professional organisations

MTA PTB Turizmusföldrajzi Munkabizottság (MTA PTB Working Committee on Tourism Geography)

Magyar Földrajzi Társaság - Dél-dunántúli Osztály (Hungarian Geographical Society - South Transdanubian Section)

MTA Gazdálkodástudományi Bizottság Marketingtudományi Albizottság (MTA Committee for Economic Sciences Marketing Subcommittee)

MTA II. és IV. Osztály Agrártörténeti és Faluszociológiai Osztályközi Állandó Bizottsága (MTA Interdepartmental Standing Committee on Agricultural History and Village Sociology, Divisions II and IV)

MTA PAB II. Osztály Gazdaság- és Társadalomtörténeti Munkabizottság (MTA PAB Division II Working Committee on Economic and Social History)

OTKA: "The No. 142571 project was funded by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology with support from the National Research Development and Innovation Fund under the „OTKA” K_22 call programme."


Conference Program


Planned sessions

  1. Smart tourism, smart destinations
  2. Responsible tourism, resilience, tourism resilience issues
  3. Communities and networks in tourism
  4. Changes in consumer behaviour - autonomy, responsibility, trends
  5. Identifying the needs of new target groups, reaching target groups - generations, scenes
  6. New aspects of tourism product development and innovation 
  7. History of tourism researches and tourism marketing history
  8. Current issues and the situation of accessible tourism in Europe


Registration using the online form below (speaker, interested participant)



Proposed deadlines

  • Application with abstract: 28th February, 2023. 
  • Payment deadline: 5th April, 2023. 
  • Submission of paper: 20th May, 2023 (paper submission is not obligatory, but the deadline will give you the opportunity to incorporate any elements of the discussion of the conference presentations that you consider valuable)


Publication opportunities

Abstracts submitted to the conference will be published in an ISBN numbered abstract volume. 
The papers prepared in connection with the conference will be published in the following scientific journals (The papers will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee, which may reject them if they are not of sufficient quality, and will recommend where they should be published. This does not imply automatic publication, the paper will also go through the peer review process of the journal, but the editors-in-chief of the journals will appoint members of the conference scientific committee as one of the peer reviewers): 


Participation fee

  • Speaker registration fee: 80 euros 
  • Registration fee for PhD students: 50 euros
  • For co-authors who do not give a presentation but participate in the conference (full fee if the presentation is shared): 65 euros
  • Professional visitors, interested parties: 50 euros

The participation fee includes full catering services for the conference day, the conference package and, in case of a paper, the management of the proofreading process.

Payment instructions:

I.    If you require a VAT invoice when paying the conference fee, please proceed as follows:

  • The University of Pécs will first issue an invoice. Please provide the following information:
    BILL NAME, BILL ADDRESS, ADDRESS NUMBER, PARTICIPANT NAME (Without any of these details we cannot start the process of issuing the claim.)
  • Based on this information, the PTE will therefore issue a fee claim form which will be mailed to the Buyer.
  • After receipt of the fee claim form, the Customer will have to write the following message in the remittance advice: PTE KTK Tourism Conf 430043 and the serial number of the fee application.
  • When the amount is received, PTE will issue a final invoice which will be sent to the buyer by post.
  • The payment of the registration fee is completed.

(No cash VAT invoices can be requested on the spot!)

II.    If you do not require a VAT invoice, please proceed as follows:

  • In this case, the fee should be paid by bank transfer directly from the bank account of the individual to the PTE bank account, stating "PTE KTK Turizmus Konf 430043, DO NOT REQUEST AN INVOICE"
  • PTE EDUCATION ACCOUNT NUMBER: 11731001-23135378
  • IBAN: HU88117310012313537800000000
  • In this case, the PTE Finance Department knows that no invoice is required, only an internal accounting voucher is issued, on the basis of which no invoice can be issued subsequently.
  • The registration fee payment process is closed.  

(Cash payment is not possible!)


Book of Abstracts


Further information, contact:

Organising Committee (turizmusmarketing2023 [at] ktk.pte.hu)
Prof. Dr. János Csapó (csapo.janos [at] ktk.pte.hu)