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2020. November 19. 10:16

Be sure of your actions.
Be a leader. Be yourself.

Make deadlines that seem impossible to make.
Know all the news in the market.
Give advice on deals that will make the business headlines tomorrow.
Communicate on an equal footing with top executives of leading companies in a variety of industries.
Change the business world.
Build financial models. Build your career.
Be a professional. Be a lady.

Find out more about what it’s like by joining the EY Corporate Finance School for females: https://www.ey.com/en_ru/careers/international-corporate-finance-school-for-females

You can register on: http://bit.ly/corporatefinanceschool

EY Corporate Finance School for females – a new educational project for female students who are interested in corporate finance and want to build a career in the Strategy and Transaction practice. You will participate in special workshops and masterclasses delivered by colleagues from Poland, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece, Malta and other European EY offices.

Who can participate: 2nd-3rd year female undergraduate students or female master’s level students from all over Europe who speak fluent English and have an interest in corporate finance.