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2021. November 29. 15:26

What is it like to be an alumnus with a BSc in Business Administration and Management Degree from the University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics?


Student’s perspective


We asked Anna Ronczyk, who finished her studies at Faculty of Business & Economics in 2020, to tell us about her experiences during her studies and after she got her Economist in Business Administration and Management degree.

Why did you choose to study Economist in Business Administration and Management?

For me it was crucial to gain a complex business degree, I wanted to have a general understanding and knowledge on how business work. This major was perfect, as we had an insight on most of the fields: Management, Finance, Marketing, HR. To be honest at the very beginning I didn’t know where life will take me - in which direction, but it sure did help to make decisions eventually.


What are the key benefits of studying applied management apart from the degree?

It gives you a complex understanding on the business world, and the practices will help you out in many scenarios in your worklife - or personal to be honest.


Would you choose this major again?

Absolutely! :)


What is the most important value that you got from UPFBE?

I appreciate what I have learnt, but I appreciate more the opportunities the university gave me, for instance: working for the University, being able meet foreign students, step outside of our comfort zones, go and see the world. I think our studies, and what we learn are super important, but how we fill our uni years are just as important.

You spent a few months in America during your studies, right? Why did you go there and what did you do during this period of time?

Yes I did, and it was an amazing journey! I wanted to spend some time working in a foreign country, to be able to get the lingo, and to get an idea what to work in the States. I worked for an automotive company, I was an office manager. Yes, I drove amazing and beautiful cars! :P And apart from that, on my way to San Diego, during my transfer in Forth Worth Dallas, I met a girl, we were boarding the plane together, started chatting. She ended up living 30mins from me, and she offered me an assistant social media manager content creator job, so obviously I had to take it!


Did you participate in the Erasmus program during your University studies?

Sure thing I did, I would never ever skip it! Was the best decision of my life!


Why did you choose Spain?

Oh carino, es que Espana tiene mi corazón! The thing is that Spain has my heart. The mentality, the people, the food, the language…. I could go on and on til it’s the morning. I just love the country! During my high school years I learnt Spanish and got fluent, so it was a no brainer decision to opt for Spain.

Luckily the University I choose had a great course list, where I could opt courses from. I could get all my subject accredited. I even took some Master’s courses, in Spanish!

I know some people are afraid of making the move and going away for a semester - but I have to make sure these people - you won’t cut off your life here in Hungary, it is just 5 months, people can go and visit you! And duh, there’s FaceTime ;)

You have been to many places and this is amazing! Can we say that you are fluent in several languages? (Can we say that you communicate in more languages fluently?)

Si, yes, ja! Obviously English is close to my heart, and so is Spanish. I was brave enough once to start learning Portuguese, I can understand written text, plus I have 8 years of German behind me, although I am not that confident with it.

English came very handy, because I was taking all my classes in Pécs in English - so it was great that my business English improved as well.


Where do you live and what do you do at the moment (currently)?

After coming back from San Diego, I moved to our capital, to Budapest. I started working for a digital advertising agency, we were creating TV, social media campaigns for big Hungarian brands, mostly in the FMCG sector. In June I resigned, and now I work for a Los Angeles based digital UX/UI/DEV agency, I work as an account/project manager. We have clients based in the States, mostly in California and Texas, plus we have some from Washington D.C..

How did you get to Budapest, why did you decide to move to the capital city of Hungary?

In Hungary, I think the best opportunities in the business area are in Budapest, therefore I had to try to see what I could do here.


What are your short-term goals?

To learn as much as possible in the industry I’m currently working in, have as much of experience as possible.


What are your long-term goals?

To have my own company, my own business, and to lead it succesfully.


Are you planing to continue your studies and enroll in Master’s degree?

I might opt for a Master’s degree, yes! I think it is super important to educate ourselves, and the University of Pécs offers great programmes! :)


What advice would you give to the ones are planning now to go on a higher education?

Don’t be afraid of choosing your major. Try what you like! What happens if you don’t? Well that’s the beauty of adulthood, you can start over and choose something else! Just believe in yourselves! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us!


We hope this article helps you to see, how many great opportunity comes to your way if you choose the right University and Faculty to yourself! We hope you enjoyed this very diverse interview with

Anna and got lots of useful information of how one’s life can be after complete an Economist in Business Administration and Management degree.