Centre of Excellence in Economic and Business Studies (GKK)

The Centre of Excellence in Economic and Business Studies (GKK) of UPFBE was established in 2018 to support the work of various research groups and research projects at the Faculty. It has provided the organisational framework for the research conducted within the framework of the Institutional Excellence Programme for Higher Education and the Sub-Programme for Institutional Excellence of the Thematic Excellence Programme. 

The primary focus of GKK-related research in these programmes is the role of domestic companies in the re-industrialisation of the nation, to which the research teams organised on the traditional competence and knowledge base of the Faculty contribute in different sub-areas, such as. optimisation of production systems, the structure and dynamics of global value chains, consumer behaviour analysis, foreign exchange risk management, labour market changes, the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of university entrepreneurial ecosystems or the propagation channels of macroeconomic shocks. 

The Faculty's mission is to integrate, in addition to internationally recognised basic research, the impulses and challenges coming from the corporate sector, specifically from business organisations in the region, into both its teaching and research activities. In this spirit, a number of projects have been and are being implemented at the JRC to channel the research potential, competences and knowledge of the faculty towards the business sector and other actors in the region, thus hopefully contributing to increasing productivity and the pace of economic development. These efforts will be brought together by the Business Innovation Platform linked to the GKK.