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The overall objective of the Thesis is to reinforce the student’s learning experience, by requiring that experience be brought to bear upon a real-life business problem. The range of problems that may be addressed is extensive. The Thesis Research module is designed to give an insight into the problems businesses face and to provide students with the necessary tools to resolve these problems. The Thesis Research module is an independent module in which students work towards their Thesis.

Thesis topic and supervisor selection and the process of Thesis submission

Students’ Thesis topic and supervisor selection and the process of Thesis submission consist of the following steps:

  1. Students choose their topic – it is free choice but it has to be more empirical/applied than theoretical.
  2. Students consult the module leader of the Thesis Research about their chosen topic. If the module leader approves their topic she appoints the appropriate supervisor from the Faculty of Business and Economics.
  3. Students accept the appointed supervisor or look for another one.
  4. Students hand in their Application Form for Thesis submission with the topic and the chosen supervisor.
  5. The module leader accepts or rejects the students’ application form. Reasons for rejection: not appropriate supervisor or missing data from the application form e.g.: signature of the chosen supervisor.
  6. If the Application Form is accepted then the students can carry on with their work throughout the academic year: research, consultation, submission of research proposal and one chapter of the Thesis and Supervisor Contact Form 1, further consultation, submission of Thesis and Supervisor Contact Form 2. Supervisor Contact Form is for controlling the students’ consultation activity. There are a minimum number of compulsory consultations which has to be accomplished.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Hungarian Scientific Conference for Students and also on different case study competitions (e.g. L’Oreal, International Case Writing Competition). For these competitions they have to produce serious research work and submit written presentations. This scientific work of the students can constitute a very good foundation of their Thesis.


Thesis evaluation

The Program Leader will select two referees to evaluate the work. The evaluation sheet is public and available to all students. The Thesis evaluation form can be looked at Appendix.


Policy of failure

If both of the referees give grade 1 (fail) for the Thesis, then the student is not allowed to defend the work and has to rewrite the Thesis. If one of the referees gives a grade 1 (fail) and the other gives a grade 2 (pass) or better, then the Thesis has to be seen by a third referee. If the third referee gives a grade 1 (fail) then it is the responsibility of the Program Leader to decide whether to allow the student to defend the Thesis, or if the student must rewrite the Thesis. About detailed assessment criteria’s the module leader of Thesis Research informs students.


Requirements concerning thesis

The thesis writer should be able to prove that s/he can apply what s/he learnt during the studies, so the topic of the thesis should be compatible with some specific field learnt at the respective programme, some aspect of this programme (a subject) should be featured in the thesis.

  • A very good Desktop Research may be suitable
  • The thesis should be logical as regards its structure, the processing of literature and the practical analysis should harmonise with each other.
  • Application of higher level statistics, more complex methods
    • cross table, multi-variable methodologies
    • at least 1 more complicated methodology
    • at the processing of own case study we should expect student to give recommendations and draw conclusions of his/her own and not just simply put down the case.
  • Own research
    • Possibly the student should use a validated questionnaire
    • S/he should discuss with statisticians who should be asked to be second opponent
    • S/he should prove his/her ability to apply the theory
    • So if there is no own research, then a very sophisticated theoretical comparison should be made, and a critical view applied
    • The analysis of 1 company is fine, if it is a comparative analysis
  • Literature research:
    • recent literature
    • literature written in the last 3-4 years
    • also items in foreign literature (4-5 at least)
    • 15 - 20 on the average
    • not internet-based, except if the topic is a niche with no mature literature
    • description of the methodology: a separate chapter
    • Or a separate chapter within the results
  • Research question: should be clarified; if the introduction clarifies what the thesis is about, that is also acceptable


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