Corporate Talk - ALDI Hungary was our guest

2023. July 26. 11:30

On April 25, 2023, we held the second Corporate Talk roundtable discussion of this year, where we invited ALDI Hungary colleagues for an open discussion. Our guests were Gréta Brandhuber, Barbara Csiki, Zsuzsa Kóródi and Lajos Péntek.

The first block of the discussion focused on the marketing strategy of ALDI Hungary. Funny posts and creative content are very popular with followers and contribute greatly to the company's online presence. However, as in all areas, there are challenges. Sometimes a joke doesn't go as planned and this can cause some embarrassment. Interestingly, the success of campaigns often depends on the first reactions: if the first reactions are more positive, the chances of a successful campaign are higher and vice versa.

ALDI was quick to recognise the power of the TikTok platform, which is not only attractive to younger people, but also to those in their 30s. Interestingly, according to research, the number of users of the platform in Hungary is estimated at around 2 million, of which 70% are over 18 and 30% over 35, thus breaking the stereotype that TikTok is only for young people. The challenge, however, is that trends change very quickly, and with only a few seconds of video to capture the audience's attention, creativity is key for them.

We also talked about the availability of online grocery shopping for ALDI shoppers as part of a partnership with the Roksh service. Although online grocery shopping is becoming increasingly popular, the majority of people still do their grocery shopping in person. Despite the fact that online shopping started to grow very dynamically during the pandemic, NRC research shows that it is starting to lose this growth.

We also talked about their participation in the festival, which they wanted to target a younger age group. Interestingly, young people who are partying can buy the same goods at ALDI within the festival at the same price as if they had bought it in a store. And they also get a little extra: the food is cooked for free on the barbecue terrace.