Marketing Research 4.0 is published

In spring 2023, the CoRe lab researchers published a book entitled Marketing Research 4.0.

Sustainability as consumers see it...

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic in the field of market research, and at this year's first Corporate Talk event we will be talking..

Corporate Talk - Let's talk!

In the spring semester, the focus will be on market research and our partners during the Corporate Talk event series!

The first omnichannel day - as I saw it

As soon as we decided to organise a professional day, I knew that I would enjoy every minute of it and I was very confident that others would feel the..

Innovations in market research - The emerging of eye-tracking

Neuromarketing tools, such as the eye tracking, are playing an increasingly important role in consumer behaviour research. In recent years, interest..

What is the future for retail?

Advances in technology will continue to have a significant impact on changes in retailing, but there are also signs that digital touchpoints are..

the omnichannel buying behaviour

In the following blog post, we summarise what you need to know about omnichannel in our country, together with the Omnichannel Research Group.

Evolving omnichannel environment in Hungary

There is a growing professional interest in omnichannel marketing and commerce, but little information is available on the practical implementation of..