Call for the 2nd Omnichannel Day

CALL FOR THE 2nd Omnichannel Day about the consumer journey in an omnichannel environment 22 September 2023, Budapest, Hungary (hybrid event..

2nd Omnichannel Day - Save the date! second Omnichannel Day is just around the corner!

Corporate Talk - ALDI Hungary was our guest

On April 25, 2023, we held the second Corporate Talk roundtable discussion of this year, where we invited ALDI Hungary colleagues for an open..

The first hybrid Corporate Talk - This is how we saw it

Our first hybrid Corporate Talk event took place on 28 March 2023, during which we talked about sustainability with Balázs Kovács, Head of Marketing..

What (can) make a discount chain exciting?

Why is ALDI setting up at festivals and what is the purpose of the TikTok presence? These and similar questions will be explored with ALDI at the..

Marketing Research 4.0 is published

In spring 2023, the CoRe lab researchers published a book entitled Marketing Research 4.0.

Sustainability as consumers see it...

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic in the field of market research, and at this year's first Corporate Talk event we will be talking..