Marketing Research 4.0 is published

2023. March 21. 15:06

In spring 2023, the CoRe lab researchers published a book entitled Marketing Research 4.0.

The field of applied marketing research underwent a noticeable change in the second half of the 1990s, driven by technological advances, the economic crisis of the first decade of the millennium and the 2020 pandemic.

These effects have led to fundamental changes in the industry and in the used methodological tools. First, the validity of traditional techniques and the novelty of the results were questioned, and then, in the years of crisis, the ability of research firms to create value was called into question.These changes have radically altered the tools used in marketing research and have given rise to new competences. This book summarises these changes, their consequences and the main elements of the process, and provides an overview of the current state of consumer research, the trends that will shape the near future and the new methodological tools.

The book is available in Hungarian on