Dr. Gabriella Kuráth

Dr. Gabriella Kuráth

Associate Professor
kurath.gabriella [at] ktk.pte.hu
Thursday: 13:30-14:30, by prior email arrangement

Gabriella Kuráth graduated in 1987 and after it she got Complex planning economic analyst degree in 1990 at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs. She received her PhD degree in 2008 and habilitated in 2019.
She has been working as an associate professor at Department of Leadership and Organizational Sciences since 2019. Her primary professional fields are graduate career tracking system, leadership development, leadership and trust. She currently teaches leadership, business management and communication on the bachelor and master level. 


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Kuráth, Gabriella ; Sipos, Norbert:
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Sipos, Norbert; Kuráth, Gabriella ; Bányai, Edit ; Jarjabka, Ákos:
Applicants' institution selection criteria in the higher education: An empirical study in Hungarian higher education management. MANAGEMENT IN EDUCATION, 12 p. (2021)


Timea, Venczel-Szakó ; Gabriella, Kuráth:
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