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prof. Dr. János Csapó

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János Csapó finished his university studies in 2000 in the Janus Pannonius University, Pécs (Teacher of Geography and English). In 2001 he received a tourism manager qualification at the same university. He finished his PhD in 2006 and habilitated in 2014. Between 2000-2003 he was a PhD student, 2004-2006 assistant lecturer, 2006-2016 assistant professor and from 2016 he is an associate professor. From 2017 he is an associate professor in the Institute of Marketing and Tourism at the Faculty of Business and Economics and he is the responsible leader of the tourism trainings at the faculty and the leader of the tourism research group.

He is a member of several scientific committees and editorial member of journals related to geography, tourism and marketing. His major fields of research include investigations on the relationship between tourism and regional development, tourism centre and periphery relations, the reasons for the spatial concentration and de-concentration of tourism, regional tourism geography, tourism product development, cross border tourism development, tourism niche products and tourism trends.


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