We are proud of our ability to offer full educational programs in English at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels and BSc and MSc double degrees in German.

  • BSc Business Administration
  • MSc Applied Management
  • MSc Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship·
  • IPhD Business Administration - Doctoral School of Business Administration
  • IPhD Regional Development - Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics
  • FBE-Hagen University distance learning, double degree BA and MSc Programs


Bachelor and Master level Programs

The English language BSc Business Administration and MSc Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship programs are validated by Middlesex University (UK) and so students are awarded both English and Hungarian degrees. The Business Degree Programs in English are internationally recognised joint business degree programs that were first launched in 1996 with a solid foundation of cooperation by the University of Pécs, and Middlesex University (UK). The BA and MSc degrees which graduates receive open the door to global careers.

 The Faculty also offers its students the opportunity to complete its distance learning BA and MSc programs run in cooperation with the Fernuniversität Hagen. Both of these programs are conducted in German and students receive their degrees from both institutions.


International PhD Programs

Our International PhD Programs are developed on the basis of the Hungarian PhD program of the Doctoral Schools of Business Administration and Regional Policy and Economics, and thus are nationally accredited. We pride ourselves in the fact that these programs combine the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education drawing on the contribution of recognized national and international experts.