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The overall objective of the Thesis is to reinforce the student’s learning by requiring that experience be brought to bear upon a real-life business problem. The range of problems that may be addressed is extensive. The Project Module (see Project Module syllabus) is designed to give an insight into the problems businesses face and to provide students with the necessary tools to resolve these problems. Project Module I-II. are independent modules in which students work towards their thesis.

The mark of the Project Module is calculated in the following way - the mathematical average of three marks:

  • one given by the Project Leader/Supervisor for work done during the semester, and
  • the two marks given for the Thesis.

Topics for the Thesis can be freely selected by the students through Neptun during a given period.

The Thesis will be evaluated by the supervisor and by an opponent – referees – suggested by the supervisor. Both referees’ judgement has the same weight therefore if both of them give grade 1 (fail) for the Thesis then the student is not allowed to defend the work and has to rewrite the Thesis.

If one of the referees gives a grade 1 (fail) and the other gives a grade 2 (pass) or better, then the thesis has to be seen by a third referee. If the third referee gives a grade 1 (fail) then it is the responsibility of the Programme Leader to decide whether to allow the student to defend the thesis, or if the student must rewrite it.

In case of the Hungarian degree the Final Examination – Thesis Defence consists of the oral defence of the Thesis. Moreover, students must prove their general knowledge and preparation in the topic(s) associated with the Thesis. The due date of the thesis is the end of the 6th semester. The oral defence will take place at the end of the 7th semester, after the compulsory placement.

To be eligible for the diploma issued by Middlesex University the student does not have to take part in the oral examination procedure. The turning in of the thesis is the single requirement in this manner. This is done by the end of the 6th semester.