Mentor Programme

At the beginning of every semester, when the new international students arrive, the mentors help all the international students settle and make them feel comfortable in their new environment. Especially during the first days, the assistance of a mentor who knows the city can be a great help to anyone who is new to the country. A mentor is free to set up his/her own program, so you can for example discover all the bars together or visit each others homes for dinner. A mentor typically is related to a small group of new students (mentees). This way, the mentors and mentees can get to meet a group of people simultaneously and organize activities together. Mentor and mentee will be introduced to each other during the orientation week.


Our mentors and their availability:

Assistant Professor
lanyi.beatrix [at]
Assistant Professor
raffay.zoltan [at]
B 229
Assistant Professor, Director of Internationalisation
sipos.norbert [at]
Assistant Professor
balintb [at]