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IPhD Program of Business Administration

IPhD Program of Business Administration

The Program is designed to help students acquire the knowledge necessary for writing a successful dissertation and to support independent research by providing professional feedback from experienced faculty supervisors at dissertation seminars.

The direct educational period consists of four semesters during which students are required to be on campus. Students each semester spend approximately 10 days on campus attending classes, consulting their supervisor on their research topic and doing further research in the Library.

In order to receive the PhD degree, students must accomplish the following:

  • pass all modules (achieve the Absolutorium)
  • successfully submit a Research Proposal
  • pass the Doctoral Examination (from 2016 Complex Exam) at the end of the 4th semester
  • have at least four publications in English,
  • related to the area of dissertation research, and
  • with one of them appearing in a peer-reviewed international journal
  • prepare the PhD Dissertation
  • defend the PhD Dissertation


Useful documents

Program Structure

Publication Credits


Doctoral Process

  • Precondition: Absolutorium (210 credits) + publication requirements (30+ points, at least four publications in the field of the dissertation, one of them being published in an international journal)
  • Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (from 2016 Complex Exam): oral exam in the core subjects, incl. Corporate Finance and Monetary Economics, Management Studies, Marketing and Operations Management
  • Submitted dissertations will be pre-evaluated by two external experts in the field 
  • Final  evaluation by two external experts in the field 
  • Defense: open debate


Student Handbook

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Areas of Research

For successfully completeing PhD studies, it is crucial to decide on the topic of dissertation on time and to select the most appropriate supervisor. Some Professors provide topics and supervision in German. In this case the dissertation must be written in German.

Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the research activity of the Faculty staff in order to find a professor who has a research interest that relates to your proposed topic. The research topics are only recommendations, however, they show the research interests and culture of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs.


  • Talent management
  • Human resource management
  • Career management

Gyöngyi BUGÁR

  • Portfolio Theory and Analysis
  • Investment Decision Making
  • Financial Risk Measurement Theory and Management


  • Financial text mining
  • Decision support systems
  • Data mining

Beatrix LÁNYI

  • Innovation marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Health marketing
  • Global marketing


  • Market entry methods in international marketing
  • The global trend of international power-shift and its consequences to marketing
  • Pricing for profit in age of the industrial revolution 4.0


  • Floating foreign exchange rates: theory, empirics, practical relevance


  • Strategic Management


  • Designing the post-fossil energy system and society
  • Environmental business ethics
  • Ethics as strategy

László SZERB

  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship development in country and regional levels
  • Entrepreneurship  ecosystem measurement and research 
  • Small business competitiveness researches
  • Digital entrepreneurship

Krisztián SZŰCS

  • Segmentation of Consumer Markets
  • New approaches in marketing research


  • Examination of corporate finance issues
  • Investments 
  • Investor decisions and/or company value in an international accounting environment

Zsuzsanna VITAI

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organization Theory

József VÖRÖS

  • Operations Management
  • The role of producing tradable goods and services in the competitiveness of firms and nations


Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the Program is €12.500 - to be paid in instalments as per the following schedule:

  • 1st semester: €4.000,
  • 2nd semester: €3.000,
  • 3rd semester: €2.000,
  • Comprehensive Exam: €500,
  • Doctoral Procedure: €3.000,


Transfer Data

Transfer data: MNB (National Bank of Hungary)

Account Number: 10024003-00282716-01110009

Swift: HUSTHuhb

IBAN code: HU30-10024003-00282716-01110009

Name of the Receiver: Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pecs


Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program

Hungary offers scholarships through Tempus Public Foundation for applicants from designated countries, who would like to pursue full or partial (one or two semester-long) BA/BSc, and MA/MSc or PhD studies at Hungarian state accredited higher education institutions. 

Details and available scholarships >>>


Academic Staff

Dr. Iván BÉLYÁCZ - Head of Doctoral School, Professor of Finance

Gyarmatiné Dr. Edit BÁNYAI - Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Károly BARAKONYI  - Professor of Management

Dr. Gyöngyi BUGÁR - Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. Dániel KEHL - Assistant Professor of Statistics

Dr. Sándor KOMLÓSI - Professor of Decision Sciences

Dr. Gábor KŐRÖSI - Associate Professor of Econometrics

Dr. Ferenc KRUZSLICZ - Associate Professor of Informatics

Dr. Kármen KOVÁCS - Associate Professor of Research Methods

Dr. József POÓR - Professor of Management, Szent István University

Dr. Gábor REKETTYE - Professor of Marketing

Dr. Zoltán SCHEPP - Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. John R. SCHERMERHORN - Professor of Management, Ohio University

Dr. László SZERB - Professor of Entrepreneurship

Galambosné Dr. Mónika TISZBERGER - Assistant Professor of Statistics

Dr. Ádám TÖRÖK - Professor of Public Policy, University of Pannonia

Dr. Zoltán VERES - Professor of Marketing, University of Pannonia

Dr. Zsuzsanna VITAI - Programme Manager, Professor of Management

Dr. József VÖRÖS - Professor of Management Science

Dr. Gyula ZELLER - Associate Professor of Finance