This is what happened at the third Omnichannel Day

2024. June 11. 11:35

3rd Omnichannel Day

This year, the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs hosted the third Omnichannel Day event, where domestic and international researchers and business professionals shared their experiences on the importance of omnichannel

The hybrid event was opened by Dr. Judit Simon, Professor Emerita of the Corvinus University of Budapest, who welcomed the participants and briefly spoke about the directions and importance of the topic. The academic session was opened by Paula Rodríguez-Torrico from the University of Burgos, whose research explored the use of mobile devices from an omnichannel perspective. Then Erika Lázár and Ákos Nagy from the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs presented the results of their research, focusing on the role of emotions in the use of retail mobile applications. The results showed that emotions during the use of an application have an indirect impact on satisfaction, and therefore more attention should be paid to the aesthetic and enjoyment dimensions in the development process of retail mobile applications. The final speaker of the academic session was Lukas Wolf, who spoke about the differences between different digital tools, highlighting that a great omnichannel strategy goes beyond single-channel management and traditional online channel usage.

After the academic speakers Tamás Szabó, Market Fulfillment Manager of IKEA Hungary, closed the day, presenting the Omnichannel changes taking place at IKEA.

We thank the speakers and participants for their active contribution.

We plan the organise the fourth Omnichannel Day in the future and will keep you informed about it. 

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