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About us

The CoRe lab Consumer Behaviour Research Centre, part of the Centre for Applied Learning (CAL), was established in 2019 to support academic, student and market objectives with innovative research solutions.


The consumer behaviour research is a complex process that involves the study of consumer behaviour, preferences and attitudes.

Our experienced team uses new innovative approaches in addition to traditional methods (questionnaire surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews). The focus of our innovative methodological toolkit is eye tracking, which provides new types of insights by understanding consumers' unconscious decision-making mechanisms. These insights help professionals to effectively design communications to capture the attention of consumers.

Our aim is to effectively help answer a research question by applying innovative methods in the research process, in addition to and beyond the use of traditional methods.



  • Student courses/projects - innovative marketing research methods are introduced into marketing-related courses, where students are given the opportunity to learn about and apply these innovative approaches in practice.
  • Academic research - a wide range of academic research is conducted using innovative methods alongside traditional methods.
  • Corporate market research - in addition to academic work, we also focus on meeting market needs, and are working on an increasing number of corporate projects each year.



  • Corporate Talk - an event designed to bring together our partners in an round table discussion on current market research topics that can provide new and relevant information to the public and the profession.
  • Omnichannel Day - this hybrid event features presentations from academics and corporate guests to explore how consumers behave in an omnichannel environment.


Who are we?

  • Péter Németh, PhD (Head of Centre) - nemeth.peter [at]
  • Erika Lázár (researcher) - lazar.erika [at]
  • Lili Bakó (junior researcher) - bako.lili [at]


Annual reports:


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