Program Structure

To complete the educational phase, PhD students have to acquire 240 credit points. In order to gain the PhD degree students need to

  • accomplish all the required courses for a total of 72 coursework credits,
  • collect 80 research credit points and 40 credits from publications and conference papers, collect 48 teaching credits,
  • pass the Complex Examination,
  • submit and defend their dissertation.


Program structure

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5-8
Training courses (training credit)
Advanced Economics Operations Management Elective 1* Elective 5* no classes
Applied Statistics Organizational Theory Elective 2* Elective 6*
Principles of Business Research Development Economics Elective 3* Elective 7*
Behavioral Economics Advanced Econometrics Elective 4* Elective 8*
Research (research credit)
Research support 1 Research support 2 Research support 3 Research support 4 Research Forum
  How to publish? Systemic literature review Research practice Presentation about the advance in the research based on the milestones
Participating at scientific events, research seminars, doctoral pre-defenses and defenses, etc. min 3 times per semester. (no credit)

Each course and research support worth 6 (training or research) credits and have 6×75 minutes classes.

*Elective modules (min 4-6×75 mintutes classes, 6 training credits):

  • Advanced Corporate Finance    
  • Entrepreneurship    
  • Environmental Economics    
  • Human Resource Management    
  • Industrial Organization
  • Information Technology Management
  • Innovation and Network Analysis
  • Innovation Management
  • Marketing Theory
  • Real Option Theory and Practice
  • Regional Development Policy
  • Regional Economics
  • Tourism and Local Development


Credit Structure

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Credit points

Coursework credits (min. 30%)


Teaching credits (min. 20%)


Teaching independently a seminar for a full semester at a higher education institution (each) 20
Teaching independently a seminar for a full semester at a secondary or other tertiary education institution (each) 14
Thesis and dissertation review, BA and MA level (per piece) 5
Contribution to the organization of conferences/workshops 7

Research credits (min. 33%)


Accepted research proposal 35
Presentation at a Summer School 7

Successful accomplishment of the Introduction to Scientific Research course and the three Research Seminars (7 points per semester)

Participation in research groups (per semester) 7

Publication credits (min. 17%)


Total credits


Teaching credits may be received by teaching not only at the University of Pécs but also in other countries’ educational institutions. If teaching is not feasible, students can substitute credits in teaching with research and publication credits.


Publication Credits

Publications Credit points

1. Journal publications


A+ 40
A 33
B 27
C 20
D 13
Other journals 0-8

2. Books and textbooks


Book chapter 16-20
Textbook 20-33

3. Conference proceedings, working papers


Study in conference proceedings 7-11
Conference presentation 3-5
Book review 3-5

In the case of co-authorship, we calculate 0.7 of the points (two authors) and 0.5 of the points (three or more co-authors).The followings cannot be considered as credited publication: teaching or supporting materials, publications in dailies, weeklies and non-scientific journals. Publications only in electronic journals are based on individual judgment.


Doctoral Process

  • In order to start the doctoral activities (which include the Doctoral Examination, and the defense of the Dissertation) students should have a minimum of 40 credit points in publication. It is required to have at least four journal publications. List of accepted journals with their ranking can be accessed with this link
  • Precondition: Absolutorium (coursework + teaching + research; in total 200 credits) + publication requirements (40 points) Complex Examination: oral exam in the core subjects
  • Submitted dissertations will be pre-evaluated by two experts in the field 
  • Final  evaluation by two external experts in the field 
  • Defense: open debate