Certificate in BIO Entrepeneurship

The Simonyi BEDC in collaboration with the Biotechnology Research Group of the Szentágothay János Research Center offers this unique one-year Certificate in BioEntrepreneurship program, which truly is an interdisciplinary business-technology-analytics program. It is ideal for students eager to bring biotechnology into effective use in business.

Merging science and business is at the center of the BioEntrepreneurship program. Students who want to become part of the development and commercialization of science must first understand the running of a biotechnology organization. To acquire this experience and knowledge, students can earn a Certificate in BioEntrepreneurship. This certificate offers the opportunity to learn critical aspects of biotechnology product development, including how to create a new enterprise, finance, marketing, and other areas of commercialization. This certificate is ideal for students planning to engage in the enterprise of biotechnology beyond the science.

On completion of the certificate

Students will be able to:

  • Apply the core principles of science and business to the biotech industry
  • Fluently speak the language of science and business
  • Ask the right questions of scientists and business people on critical issues facing their organizations
  • Identify, evaluate, and act on scientific and business opportunities that arise in the field.
  • Formulate and implement strategies within the interdisciplinary functional areas of the biotech enterprise
  • Define and expand their professional role in a biotechnology enterprise through completion of a variety of required and elective courses
  • Demonstrate principles of human inter-relationships to research, design and development activities.

This is a two semester program, which starts with two entrepreneurship courses (Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Consulting) and finishes with an elective business course and a biotech specific courses. All together you have to complete 5 courses 3 credit each to acquire 15 credits all together.

Enroll into the program through Neptun or contact us if you have any questions at simonyibedc [at] ktk.pte.hu