Senior supervisor Junior supervisor Research topic
Márta BAKUCZ   New trends in tourism
János CSAPÓ   Chances and opportunities for the development of smart tourism and smart destinations in regional context
Katalin ERDŐS   Universities and Sustainable Regional Development
Zoltán GÁL Norbert SZABÓ Regional innovation systems and regional innovation development
Zoltán GÁL   Regional Analysis of financial markets from a global-local perspective
Dániel KEHL   Haladó statisztikai elemzések a regionális gazdaság területén
Vivien KLESCHNÉ DR. CSAPI   ESG investments, investments 
ESG and corporate purpose, purpose-driven companies in the 21st century
Kármen KOVÁCS   Behavioural economics regarding consumer decisions
Ferenc KRUZSLICZ Miklós HORNYÁK Transfer learning in economics
Zoltán RAFFAY   Sustainable tourism development 
Zoltán RAFFAY   Development of the tourism sector by the improvement of the access of people with disabilities 
Roland SCHMUCK   Strategic management and business models
Tamás SEBESTYÉN Richárd FARKAS Applied and empirical researches in market theory and industrial organization. Investigating market price mechanisms
Tamás SEBESTYÉN Richárd FARKAS Exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA), spatial methods, spatial econometrics
Tamás SEBESTYÉN Norbert SZABÓ Economic and environmental impact assessment of alternative technologies in a spatial general equilibrium model framework
Tamás SEBESTYÉN   Systemic risk and efficiency gains in global production networks
Norbert SIPOS   Regional characteristics of higher education graduates
Norbert SIPOS   Project management approaches and practices – the regional impact
Norbert SIPOS   SME competitiveness RBV approach in the world
Éva SOMOGYINÉ KOMLÓSI   The examination of entrepreneurial ecosystems at the local, regional, and national levels
László SZERB Balázs KOVÁCS Examining small business operation and competitiveness
László SZERB Balázs KOVÁCS Examining entrepreneurial and digital ecosystems