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Mastercard Graduate Program

2020. február 18. 09:49

Szakmai gyakorlati lehetőség a MasterCardnál (Budapesten).

Mastercard Launch

There are some skills you can teach. And some you can inspire. Mastercard Launch gives recent college graduates both — immersing emerging talent in an 18-month journey where they will challenge the status quo, engage in meaningful and practical sessions, drive Decency and Belonging, our mission to be a Force for Good and be the ultimatecatalystforpersonal and professional growth.
The Launch program is for change makers, those who dare to be greater and who wish to make a real impact on the world. We invite you to bring your passion, share your talent and make the most of this truly Priceless experience.

What it is

A permanent paid job opportunity but dedicated to an 18-month program that educates, inspires personal growth and builds professional confidence to create a Priceless career with Mastercard. Launch will include development opportunities such as:
Professional skills learning 

  • Business-driven rotations or experiences
  • Networking and career conversations
  •  A capstone fina lproject

You will develop expertise and interpersonal skills in a multinational environment and in business management & technical skills. You will have the opportunity to work with your peers on various business projects which aim to provide enhanced work experience outside of your day-to-day role. You will work with our dedicated leaders–successful managers and executives who inspire, mentor, and coach others toward successful careers here at Mastercard.


Account Management role

You will contribute to create Account Plans and help Account Executives to keep these presentation up-to-date based on AE inputs, help Account Managers to manage sales pipeline management, participate in Account Managers' meeting, creating meeting minutes and help to follow up different topics and projects, help Customers to provide an appropriate guidance for their requests among several different teams like Franchise, Finance etc. If needed start escalation process, create status report for ongoing implementation projects, contribute to plan financial support for the Hungarian market.

Business Development role

You will support the development of Mastercard Business and Prepaid Card products.Youshall exploreand identify opportunities at education related organizations (secondary schools, universities, private institutions, etc.) to deploy prepaid services. Develop an Prepaid Acceleration Program that invites innovative institutions to take on a card journey. In the business segment the emergence of digitallyaffluent clients has brought new expectations to all aspects of the payments industry. As clients become familiar to faster and more convenient payments on the retail side, they are expected to demand similar service in commercial transactions. In this field you will support the deployment of new business serivces to create sounded value proposition for business clients.

Core Product role

You will be responsible for managing the operative activities of the Mastercard local assets and services such as BUDAirport Lounge,fasttrack, Arena etc. to fulfil Mastercard’s commitment to upkeep high UX in all of our assets. You will be working to ensure banks are following up on the Mastercard imposed"Marketing Activation Standards" aswell as the quality assurance ofthe assets. You will be responsible to help the premium team in the communication activities (B2B and B2C) of Mastercard’s assets.

What you need

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong strategic and conceptual aptitude
  • Excellentinterpersonalskills
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple projects concurrently
  • Must be a final year  student or recent graduate
  • Minimum predicted classification of a UK 2.1 or equivalent GPAof3.0
  • Languages: Hungarian and English to professional standard

More info about the program

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