Pécsiközgáz Training Centre

Pécsiközgáz Training Centre

The Centre gives opportunities, in the framework of further trainings, to students possessing diploma with which they can specialise and supplement their existing skills for a successful performance on the labour market. In addition, the Centre offers special trainings matching the market demands which may promote the acquisition of new competencies.

The aim of the Centre is to contribute to the more successful performance on the labour market by its diverse training portfolio.

Its supply includes trainings built on secondary school certificate or diploma, by which new competencies can be learnt or the existing skills extended or specialised by participants. In fact, there are several professions that, parallel to the development of the economic environment, definitely require the renewal and modernisation of the skills acquired (e.g.: teacher, accountant, auditor, bankruptcy expert), in such trainings it is the compilation of the training curricula and the organisation of the training activity where the Centre can give assistance. The Pécsiközgáz Centre for Further Development also considers its business partners important, for them tailor-made individual trainings and programmes are designed. The training portfolio created in accordance with the demand for knowledge specified by the partner help participants acquire the necessary set of skills.


Educational activity

We believe in lifelong learning and feel that we have a responsibility in this field, so we continuously organise shorter and longer cycle trainings that allow both the general renewal of knowledge and specialisation on narrower fields.


Official language of the programs is Hungarian


Vocational trainings (National Qualifications Register)

Trainings needs and the acquisition of special skills often do not require postgraduate specialisation programmes. The provision of qualifications demanded and recognised by the economy promotes the satisfaction of professional skills required by the market, and the skills and competencies acquired this way contribute to a successful career on the labour market.

  • Tax consultant
  • Certified public accountant of state budget
  • Certified IFRS accountant
  • Public procurement expert
  • Certified public accountant of businesses
  • Examination for certified public accountants of businesses

Postgraduate specialisation programme

Postgraduate specialisation programmes are built on qualifications already acquired and offer specialised professional skills. The trainings of Pécsiközgáz are well adapted to the demand of the business sector and give applicants instantly usable practical skills. Most often training days are Saturdays, offering a chance for development and further education to diploma holders, built to the largest possible extent on the already acquired professional skills of the participants.

  • Energy management expert
  • EU project manager
  • Specialist of liquidation and asset management
  • Economist of liquidation and asset management
  • Human resources
  • Expert of creative industries
  • Consultant of marketing finances
  • Economist of risk analysis in financial institutions
  • Urban and territorial development manager
  • Business consultant

Obligatory further trainings

There are several professions that, with the progress of the times and the economic environment, require the periodical renewal and the modernisation of skills acquired (e.g.: teacher, accountant, auditor, bankruptcy expert). The aim of the Centre is to partake in such trainings, with programmes offering up-to-date training materials and curricula, accredited by professional organisations.


Faculty and university trainings and courses

These are trainings organised for the staff of the Faculty, either for the application of training techniques or for the refreshment of professional skills. We do our best to satisfy the demands for participation in trainings of economic character, required by the teachers and other staff of the fellow faculties, with trainings specifically designed for them.

  • The new act on public procurement – one-day further training

Company trainings, short courses

The Faculty offers its business partners tailor-made training solutions satisfying individual demands. Our trainings are built on close cooperation with our assignors and adapted in their content to the expectations of the respective company or sector. This is allowed by the high-level professional skills of the teaching staff of the Faculty, so almost all trainings demands by companies can be addressed with relevant responses. Organic parts of the programmes are skills development and team building trainings.

  • Excel
  • Operation of business built on an idea of one’s own – development of skills and knowledge
  • From a business idea to a business plan – development of skills and knowledge


Leader of the Centre: Tamás Szücs dr.

Project manager: Ervin Denich

Address: PTE Közgazdaságtudományi Kar – 7622 Pécs, Rákóczi u. 80.

Phone: +36 72/501-599 / 23346

Email: tovabbkepzes [at] ktk.pte.hu