Internship Center

Internship Center

The aim of the Internship Center is to provide exciting and valuable real-life corporate experiences at the Faculty for its students. Our interns do not only gain valuable professional experience, improve their skills and expand their networks in an inspiring professional setting, but they also earn credits for their work and they can even complete their compulsory internship through the programs offered by the Internship Center.

The internship opportunities are listed and provided in partnership with renowned companies, prestigious actors of the business world. Through participating in the program and working on projects and problems provided by the partner companies, the interns have the opportunity to gain valuable real life experience, apply and expand their knowledge, gain insight into the operations of companies and develop their transferable skills. The intern positions require daily presence in the offices of the Internship Center from 8:30 until 16:00, outside of regular schooling hours, creating a focused corporate setting for the student teams to work in.

During the semester-long program, students are in constant correspondence with representatives of the partner companies both online and face-to-face, on and off campus. This generates an excellent networking opportunity for the participating students, further increasing their employability, while the partner companies gain direct access to a dedicated talent pool.


To apply:

Send your CV, motivation letter and transcript to cal [at]


Credit System:





For whom?


Register to the C-“Corporate Experience - Internship Center”  optional course.

Optional Course

20 hours/week

1 semester

BA Students (year 2 and up)

MSc Students

3 credits


Register to D-“Internship” course and complete your placement at the Internship Center.

Half an Internship

20 hours/week

1 semester

BA 6th or 7th semester

10 credits

Register to D-“Internship” course and complete your placement at the Internship Center.

Complete Internship

20 hours/week

2 semesters

BA 6th and 7th semesters

10+10 credits

40 óra/hét

1 semester

BA 7th semester

20 credits


* Participating in the Internship Center cannot be accredited as both C and D courses. The Applicant must decide on the type of course they wish to take before enrolling to the Program.