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Ferenc Farkas International Scientific Conference

The Department of Leadership and Organizational Sciences at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs, Hungary is Ferenc Farkas International Scientific Conference in 2018 for the first time.

Ferenc Farkas (1949-2016) was an outstanding professor and researcher of our faculty. He was the dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics and the vice-rector of the University of Pécs, whose national and international scientific research activities, publications and lectures were connected to several areas of management. We would like to dedicate our conference to the intellectual heritage of the professor.

The aim of our conference was to create a place where Hungarian and international lecturers, researchers, practitioners and Ph.D. students can introduce their research. We wanted to create opportunities for new professional relationships, further joint researches and thinking. During our two-days conference, we had Hungarian and English sections as well.


Patrons of the Conference

Iván BÉLYÁCZ - D.Sc. Doctor of MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Professor, Full Member of MTA, President of Section IX. of Economics and Law

Geert HOFSTEDE - Professor Emeritus at Maastricht University in the Netherlands,  Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,  Honorary Doctor of the University of Pécs


Members of Scientific Committee

Ásványi Zsófia (University of Pécs); Bakacsi Gyula (Budapest Business School); Balogh Gábor (University of Pécs); Bányai Edit (University of Pécs); Barakonyi Eszter (University of Pécs); Bencsik Andrea (Széchenyi István University); Benke Mariann (University of Pécs); Borgulya Istvánné (University of Pécs); Dajnoki Krisztina (University of Debrecen); Dévényi Márta (University of Pécs); Dobrai Katalin (University of Pécs); Farkas Ferencné (University of Pécs); Fodor Péter (University of Pécs); Ilosvai Péter (University of Pécs); Jakubik, Maria (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences); Jarjabka Ákos (University of Pécs); John Lipinski (Indiana University of Pennsylvania); Karoliny Mártonné (University of Pécs); Kispál Zoltánné (University of Pécs); Kühnel, Stephan (Hochschule Fresenius); László Gyula (University of Pécs); Márkus Gábor (University of Pécs); Márta Anette (University of Pécs); Nemeskéri Zsolt (University of Pécs); Németh Julianna (University of Pécs); Noszkay Erzsébet (Budapest Metropolitan University); Obermayer Nóra (University of Pannonia); Schmuck Roland (University of Pécs); Sipos Norbert (University of Pécs); Szabó-Bálint Brigitta (University of Pécs); Szretykó György (Széchenyi István University); Szűcs Pál (University of Pécs); Vajkai András (University of Pécs); Zsankó Brigitta (University of Pécs)


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