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This guide was made to provide information for our incoming Exchange students. It contains much necessary information related to which subjects you can choose. There are important notes and practical sum and substance on which facts you should consider before registering for the subjects.  


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Faculty of Business and Economics – Focusing on You


Established in 1970, the Faculty of Business and Economics at UP, is the second oldest School of Economics in Hungary, that has become a leading player in Hungarian Higher Education. With more than 3,000 students enrolled in our programmes, we offer up-to-date education and research in Business Sciences and the comprehensive theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge ensures our students' success in their career.​

The school’s wide range of international partnerships, with 73 European and several non-European universities, allow 15-20% of our students to spend at least one semester abroad. To broaden their opportunities we have established strong collaboration with the business and entrepreneurial environment. The outstanding number of highly qualified faculty and doctoral students at FBE are active and respected participants who integrate very well into social and economic research in Hungary and abroad. The school is not only an educational institution but also a rich and creative network of faculty, students, international and corporate specialists, and alumni in senior management positions or dynamic entrepreneurs. FBE is a community of practitioners in the economic sciences and the business world and, as such, a significant regional knowledge center.

International relations – Opening the World

We focus on building and broadening our present range of partnerships both with European and overseas universities. Our aim is to create a basis for teaching and study exchange programmes, internships, and research.

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Programme Director: Dr. Mónika  Galambosné Tiszberger

The Business Administration bachelor programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs, started in 1996 because of the collaboration between the University of Pécs and Middlesex University London. This program is accredited by EFMD, providing unique recognition to all graduates. The programme is designed for students interested in business studies and is conducted in an innovative way, incorporating lectures, case studies, practical tasks, and teamwork. The programme emphasizes subject expertise and functional specialization and aims to prepare students for the 21st-century challenges of the business world and the global market. Upon completion of the programme, students will have a solid foundation in business disciplines, a thorough understanding of the business environment and functions, analytical, planning, and operating skills, and personal qualities and skills appropriate to the business world.


Curriculum Table - BSc. Business Administration

Semester 1 (Fall)

Semester 2 (Spring)

Semester 3


Semester 4


Semester 5


Semester 6


Quantitative Methods (7 ECTS) Probability and Statistics (7 ECTS) Business Statistics (7 ECTS) International Economics (7 ECTS) International Business Communication (7 ECTS) Banking and Finance (7 ECTS)
The Art of Writing and Presenting (7 ECTS) Introduction to Social Sciences (7 ECTS) Organizational Behavior (7 ECTS) Human Resource Management (7 ECTS) International Business (7 ECTS) Operations Management (7 ECTS)
Microeconomics (7 ECTS) Macroeconomics  (7 ECTS) Introduction to Accounting (7 ECTS)

Corporate Finance (7 ECTS)

Business Case Studies (7 ECTS)
Information Systems (7 ECTS) Introduction to Management (7 ECTS) Introduction to Marketing (7 ECTS)


Programme director: Dr. János CSAPÓ 

Since tourism is one of the greatest players of international commerce, represents 7% of the world’s exports in goods and services or contributes 10% to the global GDP or to global employment, it is definitely worth study and later on being occupied in this dynamically growing branch wherever you come from or wherever you would like to work later. If you see the business opportunities this industry offers you are the one we need. With the acquired economic, business, social sciences, applied methodology and tourism and catering specialised knowledge you will be able to manage the tasks and challenges and the related workflows in a wide range of activities related to tourism and catering. You will be able to reveal and analyse the factors influencing the tourism demand, create an attractive and experience based supply and organise and fulfil the related services activities.

Curriculum Table - BSc Tourism and Catering

Semester 5 (Fall) Semester 6 (Spring)
International Business Communication (7 ECTS)

Case Studies in Tourism Marketing (7 ECTS)

Business Case Studies (7 ECTS)

Tour Operation and Event Organization (7 ECTS)

International Business (7 ECTS)

Cultural and Heritage Tourism (7 ECTS)

Marketing Calculations (7 ECTS)

Lodging and Hotel Management (7 ECTS)


Programme director: Dr. Zsófia ÁSVÁNYI

The MSc Management and Leadership programme, established in 2005, is a two-year course designed for Business or Economics graduates seeking to enhance their skills for a successful career. It aims to develop students' critical thinking and problem-solving abilities for effective international management in diverse organizations. Upon completion, students receive an MSc degree in Management and Leadership.

Curriculum Table - MSc Management and Leadership Programme

First year

Second year 



Spring (available from 2023/2024 spring)

Fall (available from 2024/2025 fall)

Leadership & Advanced Organizational Behaviour (9 ECTS)

Strategic & Quality Management (9 ECTS)

Advanced Communication for Leaders (6 ECTS)

Change Management & Business Consulting (9 ECTS)

Strategic Marketing (9 ECTS)

Business Analysis and Valuation (9 ECTS)

Business Elective (6 ECTS)*

Sustainable HRM (6 ECTS)

Applied Statistics and Econometrics (6 ECTS)

Project Management (6 ECTS)

Business Elective (6 ECTS)*

Thesis Development (15 ECTS)

Economics (6 ECTS)

Business Intelligence (6 ECTS)

Production and Process Management (6 ECTS)

Business Ethics and CSR (6 ECTS)



Programme director: Dr. Mónika KUTI

The MSc Business Development Programme provides an advanced understanding of business and enterprise development, along with managerial skills to launch new ventures or secure senior managerial roles. The programme focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, equipping students with analytical techniques and leadership skills to create and sustain successful business models. Graduates can manage projects for state or private institutions, venture-capital companies, or financial institutions, or pursue independent research in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Curriculum Table -  MSc Business Development Programme

  First Year Second Year 
Semester Spring Fall Spring (available from 2023/2024 spring) Fall (available from 2024/2025 fall)
Courses Theories and Practice of Innovation (9 ECTS) Strategic Management and Leadership (9 ECTS) Advanced Communication for Leaders (6 ECTS) Entrepreneurial and IP Law (9 ECTS)
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (9 ECTS) Business Analysis and Valuation (9 ECTS) Production and Process Management (6 ECTS) ESG in Corporate Practice OR Sustainable HR (6 ECTS)
Applied Statistics and Econometrics (6 ECTS) Project Management (6 ECTS) Marketing Analysis and Planning (9 ECTS) Thesis development (15 ECTS)
Corporate Entrepreneurship (6 ECTS) Business Intelligence (6 ECTS) Tutorial: Startup Lab (9 ECTS)